Why are we here today?

We’re here today to make the world a better place with the only way we know how, and that’s with myEureka.

Nobody does POPCORN like us!

Discovering new taste

Popcorn will always be our main product, and we are proud of the variety of flavors we have. Each crunchy piece comes in a round shape that’s coated evenly with your favorite seasoning!


Our special touch

Each myEureka popcorn flavor has undergone intensive research before they are sold in the market. We keep a high-quality control to bring you the best from our ingredients. We have tailored recipes to suit to your taste buds and at the same time, give you a burst of flavor each time you have one of our popcorn.


Nobody does Popcorn like us!

We are all about giving you that “Eureka Moment” during “Snack Time.”  We have fun doing it in the process but there’s a silver lining in the process; we take our work seriously.

Our Commitment

myEureka is committed to offering extraordinary popcorn. Think of us as evolution. We’ll adapt and cater to the needs of everyone in any circumstance, and that can only happen if we are constantly evolving!